Slashdot | Is SETI a Security Risk?


Slashdot | Is SETI a Security Risk?: “Richard Carrigan, a particle physicist at the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, fears the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) may be putting the earth at risk. As reported in the Guardian, Carrigan frets that alien radio signals could pose a security risk. The report cites a 2003 paper entitled ‘Do potential Seti signals need to be decontaminated?'”

Unless the aliens look like Jeff Goldblum with a G3 Powerbook I think we’re safe. They do? DON’T LET THAT SHIP DOCK! *sigh* Too late. Where’s my electronic thumb?

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Advertisements ~ Put your Mac to sleep by sending a text message

23-Nov-2005 ~ Put your Mac to sleep by sending a text message – This is kinda neat. One of the great sorrows of my recent life has been the loss of procmail. Mainly I used it for sorting mail and Apple’s Mail client does that fairly well, but this… this could be used to do those other nice procmaily things, like run a script based on an e-mail.

I’d never thought much about using AppleScript in a mail filter, but that’s pretty much what procmail does on UNIX. And with all the cool things you can do with AppleScript there could be a bajillion different permutations of things you could do. Of course… I can’t think of any I’d like to do off hand….

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Oracle Apps are braindead.


Okay, so maybe not the Apps themselves, but autoconfig sure is. I am constantly amazed at how much beating with a dull instrument autoconfig needs to… you know… autoconfig. The last time we talked to the Ringmaster folks our top request was getting an autoconfig that did what it was supposed to. Grrr….

More seriously though, if you’re patching Oracle Apps and don’t use Ringmaster you really should give it a look. Good product, good people, exceptional support. I wish they would try to do an autoconfig replacement.

No More Flock


Okay, it’s a neat idea, but the WebLog Editor contained in Flock isn’t as robust as I’d like. It would be supremely cool if someone (say… Brent Simmons) were to take the ideas behind Flock and build a Mac app using the same ideas with WebKit as the core rather than Mozilla. I know you’d loose the cross-platformness of Mozilla, but this kind of app SCREAMS for the ease-of-use, userfriendlyness of a Mac.

As it is I decided to go back to Safari, along with MarsEdit as the blog editor. Added a little bookmarklet to do the whole ‘BlogThis’ thing out of Safari and it seems to be working well. I really couldn’t stand the blog editor inside flock. Neat idea, but again, I need something a bit more robust. Full props to the Flock folks for a great idea.

Wired News: Outsourcing to the Heartland


Wired News: Outsourcing to the Heartland – So Wired is running an article on ‘Rural Sourcing’, basically moving your datacenter to BFE, (Hey I live in BFE, I can say that.) to reap the lower costs of operating away from large metropolitan areas. I think there’s something in there about outsourcing as well, but there’s one little flaw. The pool of available talent is a bit sparse. I can see Help Desk and the like, but more demanding positions like SysAdmins (maybe) and DBAs, (definitely) are going to be harder to come by. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the trend, as I’m a SysAdmin with aspirations of becoming a DBA, but I’m having issues seeing where the long term growth is for this paradigm.

Maybe once all us computer people become the wrench turners that we really are in the public’s mind we’ll see a crash in the valuation of our jobs and this will be easier.

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Multiple Orion Deployment on Solaris


Orion on Solaris. Here’s an article on running multiple Orion J2EE servers on Solaris (Looks like maybe there’s some zoning info in here as well). For those not quite in the know Orion is the J2EE server that Oracle Licensed to become OC4J, Oracle’s J2EE Engine. Hrm.. Running OAS inside a Solaris Zone… I like that idea.

Tools for Zoning Solaris


Zoning Article – An article on using the built in tools in Solaris to Zone the OS. From my understanding Solaris Zones are like chroot environments on steroids. They’re something I keep meaning to play with but never quite get around to. Maybe this article will help.