OAS JAAS Authentication

Declarative J2EE Authentication and authorization with JAAS is a MUST read for any OAS Admin/DBA looking to do PL/SQL authentication with a J2EE application. We’ve gotten things working against the Apps FND tables to return the responsibilities that a user has to the J2EE application. Don’t ask me how, PL/SQL is a dark art to me. It’s SO VERY MUCH easier than trying to tie the Apps to an OID infrastructure though. No, it’s not Single Sign On, but it is single auth. Not the holy grail, but some kinda grail!

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  1. […] Should probably add NewsFire to that mix up as well. Anyway since I was thinking of using Flock as my browser for a while to play with the built-in Blogging capabilities and WordPress.com opened the flood gates for new bloggers today this seemed like a natural extension. I go through a TON of RSS feeds and e-mails in the morning, some of which I’d like to remember or come back to. This should help, along with keeping a record of a few cool things I find here and there (Like the JAAS paper Troy turned me onto last week). So, here’s where I’ll slap things that I come across while at work. […]

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