No More Flock

Okay, it’s a neat idea, but the WebLog Editor contained in Flock isn’t as robust as I’d like. It would be supremely cool if someone (say… Brent Simmons) were to take the ideas behind Flock and build a Mac app using the same ideas with WebKit as the core rather than Mozilla. I know you’d loose the cross-platformness of Mozilla, but this kind of app SCREAMS for the ease-of-use, userfriendlyness of a Mac.

As it is I decided to go back to Safari, along with MarsEdit as the blog editor. Added a little bookmarklet to do the whole ‘BlogThis’ thing out of Safari and it seems to be working well. I really couldn’t stand the blog editor inside flock. Neat idea, but again, I need something a bit more robust. Full props to the Flock folks for a great idea.

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