Wired News: Outsourcing to the Heartland

Wired News: Outsourcing to the Heartland – So Wired is running an article on ‘Rural Sourcing’, basically moving your datacenter to BFE, (Hey I live in BFE, I can say that.) to reap the lower costs of operating away from large metropolitan areas. I think there’s something in there about outsourcing as well, but there’s one little flaw. The pool of available talent is a bit sparse. I can see Help Desk and the like, but more demanding positions like SysAdmins (maybe) and DBAs, (definitely) are going to be harder to come by. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the trend, as I’m a SysAdmin with aspirations of becoming a DBA, but I’m having issues seeing where the long term growth is for this paradigm.

Maybe once all us computer people become the wrench turners that we really are in the public’s mind we’ll see a crash in the valuation of our jobs and this will be easier.

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