Oracle Apps are braindead.

Okay, so maybe not the Apps themselves, but autoconfig sure is. I am constantly amazed at how much beating with a dull instrument autoconfig needs to… you know… autoconfig. The last time we talked to the Ringmaster folks our top request was getting an autoconfig that did what it was supposed to. Grrr….

More seriously though, if you’re patching Oracle Apps and don’t use Ringmaster you really should give it a look. Good product, good people, exceptional support. I wish they would try to do an autoconfig replacement.

One Response to Oracle Apps are braindead.

  1. Arnoud says:

    Autoconfig is braindead? I used to be very reluctant to use autoconfig, but I have to admit, that when I gave it another try 2 months ago with in combination with Oracle 10G/RAC it quite impressed me. There is still room for improvement, though. I agree with you that it used to be not doing what it was supposed to do. However, they have improved autoconfig a lot in (take another chance with AD.I.2 in combination with ADX.F). I took the challenge in setting up an E-Business Suite (11.5.10) on 10G/RAC using nothing else than autoconfig. I actually managed to get it done. Fair enough, you have to be on the absolute right level of patches, etc. and stick to the procedures, but the product works in my opinion. The only thing that I have left now is the use of in ADX.E.1. That is a stupid product. I wanted to recreate the database controlfile using and it crashed my database, almost beyond recovery, because the stupid thing wanted to create the controlfile with cluster_database set to TRUE. Can you imagine… Not tested. period. Now I am on ADX.F and I am curious whether they actually got that fixed…

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