Embedded.com – CES: Thumb drives launch apps, media players


Embedded.com – CES: Thumb drives launch apps, media players: “In the war of the thumb drives, Lexar Media Inc. is teaming with Israeli software developer Ceedo Technologies Ltd. to deliver a version of its USB flash drives that can store and launch applications and media players. It is due to reach the market in April.”

Not much use to me, since I can auto-launch most Mac Apps from my Shuffle, but for Windows users this could be great.

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OM – Audio


OM – Audio: “A generative music player. The player self-generates ambient music which changes each time you listen it. This means that every time you listen to oM music, you’ll get a unique listening experience. Generative music behaves like organic lifeforms.

OM player is useful for meditation, Reki or Yoga practicioners, or anybody interested in self-generated ambient music.”

Also gives ambient music without having to connect to DronZone on SomaFM. It uses about 15% processor on my G5, and 35% on my PowerBook (G4).

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#26804: How to fsck a Veritas Filesystem (VxFS)


#26804: How to fsck a Veritas Filesystem (VxFS): “There are times that the log will check cleanly, but the filesystem is still dirty. To check the filesystem directly, the following options need to be added to fsck:

/usr/sbin/fsck -F vxfs -o nolog,full [path to the raw device]

.The ‘nolog’ option tells fsck to bypass the log and go directly to the filesystem. The ‘full’ options tells fsck to check the entire filesystem. Using these options will take much longer, but you will be able to fsck the filesystem directly.”

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#74649: Error message: One or more patch packages included in XXXXXX-XX are not installed on this system


#74649: Error message: One or more patch packages included in XXXXXX-XX are not installed on this system: “”

Note to self: When a patch doesn’t apply, check the packages that it’s supposed to patch. (cd /tmp/PATCHNUM/; ls -la) If you don’t have any packages installed that can be updated you’re fine.

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docs.sun.com: Solaris 9 9/04 Package List


docs.sun.com: Solaris 9 9/04 Package List

List of packages with sane names from Solaris 9.

You’ll also want to look at


to see what packages belong to what clusters (should you want to install a whole cluster…)