Cook breakfast with your MacBook – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)


Cook breakfast with your MacBook: “Everyone knows that Apple’s Intel powered portable lineup gets hot, but this is insane! An enterprising fellow figured out that it would be possible to actually fry an egg on the bottom of his black MacBook.”

Okay now this is just crazy. What are these people doing on their MacBooks? I’ve had mine since day one and have very little problem with the heating. Then again, the most taxing thing I do with my MacBook is play World of Warcraft, at which point it’s not in my lap. I suppose if you were say… compiling multiple Linux kernels at the same time or some other crazy nonsense you could get the temps up there, but sheesh, who in their right mind would do that?

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The Tao of Mac – .Mac’s Missed Opportunities


.Mac’s Missed Opportunities: “Like a good deal of people, I’ve been wondering whether to renew my .Mac subscription for next year. I held on until 10.4.7 to see if iDisk syncing improved, but I’ve come to the conclusion that .Mac’s problems regarding IMAP access and iDisk aren’t just due to Mac OS X bugs – at this point, I squarely blame Apple’s servers.”

Personally I just signed up for .Mac. The integration and ease of blogging with iWeb are what sold me. That and I want to get away from dealing with hosting companies. Many good points are made here though.

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Mac OS X Keybindings.


: “Mac OS X allows for some powerful control over key bindings. The method I
describe below allows you to modify the key binding behavior for every program that
uses the standard Cocoa AppKit text edit objects.”

Ever have one of those days in OS X when you keep swearing because you his ESC-G? Well, I can’t help you there. HOWEVER!!!… I can help those of you that use the Home and End keys….

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OS X Terminal Exploit SANS – Internet Storm Center – Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System


SANS – Internet Storm Center – Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System
: “We received notice from Juergen Schmidt, editor-in-chief at, that a serious vulnerability has been found in Apple Safari on OS X. “In its default configuration shell commands are execute[d] simply by visting a web site – no user interaction required.” This could be really bad. Attackers can run shell scripts on your computer remotely just by visiting a malicious website.”

So… the .scp Outlook exploit has come to OS X. Grand. I guess the honeymoon is over.

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OM – Audio


OM – Audio: “A generative music player. The player self-generates ambient music which changes each time you listen it. This means that every time you listen to oM music, you’ll get a unique listening experience. Generative music behaves like organic lifeforms.

OM player is useful for meditation, Reki or Yoga practicioners, or anybody interested in self-generated ambient music.”

Also gives ambient music without having to connect to DronZone on SomaFM. It uses about 15% processor on my G5, and 35% on my PowerBook (G4).

(Via Apple.) ~ Put your Mac to sleep by sending a text message

23-Nov-2005 ~ Put your Mac to sleep by sending a text message – This is kinda neat. One of the great sorrows of my recent life has been the loss of procmail. Mainly I used it for sorting mail and Apple’s Mail client does that fairly well, but this… this could be used to do those other nice procmaily things, like run a script based on an e-mail.

I’d never thought much about using AppleScript in a mail filter, but that’s pretty much what procmail does on UNIX. And with all the cool things you can do with AppleScript there could be a bajillion different permutations of things you could do. Of course… I can’t think of any I’d like to do off hand….

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