Oracle talks smack about Red Hat


Oracle talks smack about Red Hat: “Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has stated that the database company could soon be providing Linux support services to Red Hat customers. During an interview several months ago, Ellison announced plans to enter the Linux distribution business, potentially by acquiring Novell. Citing distribution compatibility concerns, Ellison claimed that Oracle would be better off with its own complete middleware stack rather than trying to support Oracle database and middleware software on a rapidly growing number of Linux distributions. Now it appears Ellison is leaning towards simply appropriating what Red Hat produces and building a support services business on top of it rather than buying up a distributor.”

Oracle Support for RedHat…. hrm…. :runs screaming into the hills:

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Solaris Zones


If you can’t tell, I’m tinkering with Zones in Solaris 10 today. I’m not completely sold on them yet, but may like them a bit better than running Apache chrooted. Not sure yet, we’ll have to see. It would be very nice for running Oracle APPS in a multi-tier environment on a single host though…

BigAdmin Feature Article: Best Practices for Running Oracle Databases in Solaris Containers


BigAdmin Feature Article: Best Practices for Running Oracle Databases in Solaris Containers: “This article provides an overview of Solaris Containers in the Solaris
10 Operating System, with guidelines for running a non-RAC Oracle database in a
container. Oracle 9i R2 and 10g R1 databases (RAC and non-RAC)
have been certified to run in a global zone. This document concentrates
on running a non-RAC Oracle database in a container in the Solaris OS,
and it explains in detail the process of creating a non-global zone
appropriate for deploying an Oracle database. Additionally, it captures
special considerations for running a non-RAC Oracle database in a
container in the Solaris OS.”

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Slashdot | Court Rules Ellison Must Donate $100M to Charity


Slashdot | Court Rules Ellison Must Donate $100M to Charity: “‘As part of a settlement for insider trading allegations, a California judge has ordered that Larry Ellison donate $100 million to charity. CNet reports, ‘The charity payments are an unusual way to settle such a case. Typically, settlement payments would go directly to the company, in this case Oracle. ‘But with Mr. Ellison owning a quarter of Oracle’s stock, much of such a direct payment, in effect, would have gone to him.'”

Cruel and unusual would be forcing Larry to give all that money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

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OC4J JDBC Tracing


: “You can also see tracing information for the database operations by setting Java properties when you start OC4J. Some useful properties that can be specified at runtime are as follows.

Specifying this property outputs verbose information on the creation and subsequent operations of datasources. You will be notified when connections are opened, when connections are released to the pool, etc.

Specifying this property outputs the actions of the transaction manager.

Specifying this property outputs very low level debug information from the JDBC operations.

Specifying this property outputs trace statements that show when connections are created and released. Helps with finding leaks of connection management in application code.”

Oracle Apps are braindead.


Okay, so maybe not the Apps themselves, but autoconfig sure is. I am constantly amazed at how much beating with a dull instrument autoconfig needs to… you know… autoconfig. The last time we talked to the Ringmaster folks our top request was getting an autoconfig that did what it was supposed to. Grrr….

More seriously though, if you’re patching Oracle Apps and don’t use Ringmaster you really should give it a look. Good product, good people, exceptional support. I wish they would try to do an autoconfig replacement.

Multiple Orion Deployment on Solaris


Orion on Solaris. Here’s an article on running multiple Orion J2EE servers on Solaris (Looks like maybe there’s some zoning info in here as well). For those not quite in the know Orion is the J2EE server that Oracle Licensed to become OC4J, Oracle’s J2EE Engine. Hrm.. Running OAS inside a Solaris Zone… I like that idea.