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Dave’s Bit Bucket: “If you use SAN switches which can do hard zoning by ASIC rather than soft zoning by nameserver, and you set your zoning up by WWN for disk arrays and WWPN for hosts, you’ll probably be OK.”

I just subscribed to sun’s blogs after a conference last week. The presenter told us that Sun was pushing all their people to blog more, and boy-howdie are they ever. There’s some really good, and occasionally really funny stuff out there.

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#26804: How to fsck a Veritas Filesystem (VxFS)


#26804: How to fsck a Veritas Filesystem (VxFS): “There are times that the log will check cleanly, but the filesystem is still dirty. To check the filesystem directly, the following options need to be added to fsck:

/usr/sbin/fsck -F vxfs -o nolog,full [path to the raw device]

.The ‘nolog’ option tells fsck to bypass the log and go directly to the filesystem. The ‘full’ options tells fsck to check the entire filesystem. Using these options will take much longer, but you will be able to fsck the filesystem directly.”

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#74649: Error message: One or more patch packages included in XXXXXX-XX are not installed on this system


#74649: Error message: One or more patch packages included in XXXXXX-XX are not installed on this system: “”

Note to self: When a patch doesn’t apply, check the packages that it’s supposed to patch. (cd /tmp/PATCHNUM/; ls -la) If you don’t have any packages installed that can be updated you’re fine.

(Via SunSolve.) Solaris 9 9/04 Package List

5-Jan-2006 Solaris 9 9/04 Package List

List of packages with sane names from Solaris 9.

You’ll also want to look at


to see what packages belong to what clusters (should you want to install a whole cluster…)

Too much WoW…


Actual IM exchange today:

gary 10:06 I officially love Solaris Zones.

Seth 10:06 How many experience points do you get for discovering a Solaris zone?

gary 10:07 900

gary 10:07 It’s a lvl 45-55 Zone.

gary 10:08 But that’s okay, I may only be a lvl 40 SysAdmin, but all my talent points are in the Solaris tree.

gary 10:10 I wonder if that would make my G5 a blue item….

BigAdmin Feature Article: Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology


BigAdmin Feature Article: Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology: ”

global# newfs /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s0
global# mount /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0 /mystuff
global# zonecfg -z my-zone
zonecfg:my-zone> add  fs
zonecfg:my-zone:fs> set dir=/usr/mystuff
zonecfg:my-zone:fs> set special=/mystuff
zonecfg:my-zone:fs> set type=lofs
zonecfg:my-zone:fs> end"

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Zone examples


Zone examples: “The following are a few examples for the configuration of
Solaris 10 Zones. Currently with a focus on Resource Controls.
Note: This document is not written by Sun.
Brendan Gregg, 07-Nov-2005, version 2.25.”

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