What are you proud of?


What are you proud of? – Lifehacker: “A few weeks ago it occurred to me that a sense of accomplishment is pretty important but it’s not always obvious where it comes from…I don’t think there’s any single answer for everyone in every situation, but it’s clear that there are a few common sources. And they seem to match the different roles people find themselves in at work.”

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CNN.com – Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett dies – Jul 11, 2006


Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett dies: ‘Syd Barrett, who founded Pink Floyd but later lived as a recluse, has died at the age of 60, according to a spokeswoman for the band.

A spokeswoman for Pink Floyd told the Press Association: “He died very peacefully a couple of days ago. There will be a private family funeral.”‘

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Help save the endangered time servers


Help save the endangered time servers: “To fight this problem of unnecessary load on stratum 1, and to
make it easier for people to make their systems well-behaved, in
2003 Adrain von Bidder created the all-volunteer NTP Pool project
The pool is a set of freely usable time servers. When a client machine
tries to sync to pool.ntp.org, that machine is referred to one of the
pool servers, round-robin style. This helps distribute the loads to
different servers in the pool.”

And people looked at me strange when I asked what the local NTP server was when I started here. Heh.

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Laurent Schneider: raptor early adopter release 4 is out


Laurent Schneider: raptor early adopter release 4 is out: “Well, it is now renamed to SQL Developer.There is now an expected ‘Save password’ checkbox to save the password… apart from the name, it looks quite similar to raptor ;-)”

Raptor 4 is out.

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Ready, Fire, Aim: “I wonder how hard (or useful) it would be pipe FMA events into an RSS (or Atom) feed.”

Basically it’d be a sysblog. See an exception in Syslog, or with Sun’s self-healing stuff? Stick it in an RSS feed.

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Embedded.com – CES: Thumb drives launch apps, media players


Embedded.com – CES: Thumb drives launch apps, media players: “In the war of the thumb drives, Lexar Media Inc. is teaming with Israeli software developer Ceedo Technologies Ltd. to deliver a version of its USB flash drives that can store and launch applications and media players. It is due to reach the market in April.”

Not much use to me, since I can auto-launch most Mac Apps from my Shuffle, but for Windows users this could be great.

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Too much WoW…


Actual IM exchange today:

gary 10:06 I officially love Solaris Zones.

Seth 10:06 How many experience points do you get for discovering a Solaris zone?

gary 10:07 900

gary 10:07 It’s a lvl 45-55 Zone.

gary 10:08 But that’s okay, I may only be a lvl 40 SysAdmin, but all my talent points are in the Solaris tree.

gary 10:10 I wonder if that would make my G5 a blue item….